About Us


Lovingly Baked by Anthea was started in 2018 by Anthea Anderson. Living in the Grayshott / Haslemere area of Surrey for a number of years, Anthea felt the area was lacking in any really unique and excellent quality bakeries. Using her years of training in the food industry, and sending herself on plenty of pâtisserie and chocolatier training courses, Anthea slowly brought Lovingly Baked by Anthea to life!

Having been obsessed with perfecting the crusty French bread we all lust after on holiday, Anthea also spent a (very!) long time learning the craft, and when you buy our bread, you really will taste the difference!

The business is registered with East Hampshire District Council, with a hygiene rating of 5.



Our flour

We buy our flour directly from Shipton Mill in the Cotswolds. Using a variety of their French wheat flours, heritage stoneground flours, and rye flour, we know that our bread and other bakery products contain the best wheat for the best result.

Premium ingredients

We don’t cut corners. ALL our butter is from Brittany and the Charente-Poitou region of France. We use Callebaut couverture chocolate from Belgium, fruits in season, Piemonte hazelnuts, proper fleur de sel from Brittany, free-range organic eggs, and Lübecker marzipan from Germany.

100% handmade

Every single one of our products is handmade. The bread dough is mixed, formed, and shaped by hand. Our puff pastry and shortcrust pastry is made from scratch (lamination is an obsession!). All of the preserves, compotes, and tart fillings we use are all created in-house. We are proud to sell the products of skilled craftsmanship and hard work.

Respect the seasons

We prefer to follow the seasons when it comes to our ingredients.  Strawberries and raspberries have no place on a cake in winter, whilst summer pâtisserie and cakes are abundant with nature’s bounty. Only using fruits in season ensures that they are ripe, full of flavour, and sustainable. Our products are updated each time there is a change of season.

Variety of products

Our product range is carefully selected to offer something for everyone, whilst being true to the seasons and our craft.  Our French baguettes and cinnamon rolls are our flagship products and not to be missed!  We also offer a selection of cakes, pastries, and gifts.


We source all of our luxury gift boxes from The Tiny Box Company.  We are extremely proud to use a UK company rather than sourcing from China, and all of their beautiful boxes are made from recycled materials and are completely eco-friendly.  Our Natureflex packaging that we use for chocolates and biscuits is also biodegradable.