Elegant Occasion Cakes

Elegant Occasion Cakes

Chic, stylish, and devoid of too many frills, I pride myself on producing sophisticated cakes simply but beautifully.
My cakes are classic yet contemporary, with elegant colour palettes and a timeless feel.  Artfully-placed decorative elements usually include handmade French macarons, fresh fruits in season, meringues, small amounts of fresh foliage, and handmade chocolate.  I do not use sugarpaste as a decorative medium, and regretfully I do not make childrens' party cakes or novelty cakes.

Where buttercream is used, I only make Swiss meringue buttercream.  It is velvety smooth and not as sweet as American-style icing sugar buttercream, so it has an unquestionably luxurious flavour and mouthfeel.  I make all my own jams, curds, and ganaches too, so you can be assured that absolutely every single element of your chosen cake will taste as delightful as it looks.
What do you get when you order a cake from me?  With so many choices and cake-makers out there these days, as well as cut-price supermarket options, I hope I can make that decision a little easier for you!  Here's what makes me different:

I choose to use the best ingredients.  All eggs in my recipes are free-range, and only those from farms where the chickens do not have their beaks trimmed,   I do not buy eggs from supermarkets that support caged-hen farmers.  Every item I make with butter contains French unpasteurised butter from Normandy, rather than the “Value” products and cheaper supermarket butters that have a lower butterfat content.  I'd rather use the genuinely premium products and feel justified in charging a little bit more.  I only use organic milk.
My flour arrives in huge 25kg sacks directly from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire – it is superb quality, and it means I know exactly what I am getting as I am buying it directly from the source.
All of the chocolate I use in my baking and chocolate work is Callebaut or Cacao Barry couverture chocolate (no supermarket cooking chocolate in my kitchen!). The dark chocolate I choose is a “single origin” variety, meaning the cocoa beans have come from one farmer in one country.
You get my time and my passion for what I do when you order from me, along with my talent and skill.  I constantly keep myself trained and am the master of research and practice!  When you order a cake from me, I want you to feel that you've just bought excellence. That's what sets me apart from the rest.

Please note that all cakes require three days' notice as a minimum, but I will always try to accommodate urgent requests where I can.

If you would like to order in advance, just use the comments box to let me know your required date.